euroklemp® FITTINGS

All euroklemp fittings are made of ductile iron and manufactured in accordance with ISO 9002 standards.


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euroklemp® FITTINGS

All euroklemp® fittings are made of ductile iron and manufactured in accordance with ISO 9002 standards. Due to high mechanical strength values and better behaviour of ductile iron higher loads can be applied to the structures constructed by euroklemp® fittings. A large selection of euroklemp® fittings can be used with five different sizes of standard steel pipes, ranging from inch to 2 inch nominal bore. Although euroklemp® fittings are designed for professional applications they are also ideal for do-it-yourself being easily, quickly and cost effectively erected.


All euroklemp® fittings are produced with the latest foundry technology. Patterns for fittings are accurately designed and made by professional pattern makers and used for making moulds in our high-pressure automatic moulding lines. Electric induction furnaces supply molten iron and quality tests such as chemical analysis by computer controlled spectrometer, mechanical tests and metallographic analysis are carried out. Castings are heat-treated to achieve better ductility and shot blasted for better surface finish. Finally euroklemp® fittings are hot-dip galvanized in accordance with ISO 1461 for corrosion resistance hence longer product life. Setscrews are designed and manufactured such that they lock the pipes rigidly by hand tightening (40 N/m torque). For their repeated use and maximum safety, they are specially heat-treated.


euroklemp® fittings come in a wide range of sizes and shapes to help you to assemble your structures quickly and efficiently. You can use euroklemp®? fittings for a wide variety of applications. There are no limits to what you can or cannot do. We are also producing custom made clamp fittings upon request from our customers. Some of the common applications are

Cages Fences Stock Racks
Railings Playgrounds Guardrails
Animal Feed Greenhouses Furniture
Agricultural Buildings Security Guardrails Shelving
Aqua Park Dam Guardrail Barriers
Exhibition Stands Railway Subway